How to host the perfect pool party

How to host the perfect pool party

Where's the pool party at? Oh, that'd be your place. With fruity cocktails, festive floats, creative pool party ideas and bright, colourful decor, you'll have the kind of get-together people will want to flock to. As a pool owner, you have a built-in party theme that will always be popular with your family and friends.

Enjoying the summer sun whilst swimming, eating, drinking and relaxing is fool-proof recipe for fun, but the perfect pool party still requires some planning. Laguna Pools is here to show you How to host the perfect pool party - with tips from the pool experts!

We know pools, and we know fun! Read our expert tips to ensure you host a successful, entertaining & unforgettable pool party this summer.

The Practicalities

Safe Tableware – Because you’re by the pool, you’ll want to ax any serving ware that’s glass just in case someone accidentally drops a plate or glass - “taxi”.  Barefoot guests and broken glass are not only unsafe but a definite mood killer. Our summer décor favourites are the Barel Designs melamine dinner set in pretty pastels, complimented by the stemless Strahl shatterproof wine glasses – both of which are dishwasher safe and most importantly, pool-party safe.

Stay Sun Smart – It would be a sad end to a fun-filled day if your guests left your Perfect Pool Party burnt, blistered and sore. A thoughtful idea is to assemble a sunscreen station in a shaded, cool spot that guests can easily access. And don’t forget to remind them to slip, slop, slap throughout the day! Also reminding guests on their invitation to pack rash guards, and hats for additional sun protection is a great idea!

Water Quality – It's important to consider other chemicals entering your pool, such as sunscreen, which can have a negative effect on the water chemistry of your pool. Depending on the level of use of your pool, the quality of the water can diminish, especially if you are hosting regular pool parties or have a large family.

Our Australian owned and made range from We are Feel Good Inc is water-resistant, non-greasy and free of preservatives, PABAs, parabens, oxybenzone and octinoxate. By choosing a less toxic sunscreen you can minimise the impact on your water quality. Side note - it's good for your skin! So, you can also rest assured knowing it’s good for your pool water. So goodbye to oil slicks floating on the surface of your pool!

The Fun Stuff

Pool Toys & Games – The pool is really the star of the show and most people who aren’t just soaking up the sun will be splashing around. A few playful pool floats such as the inflatable glitter lilo, flamingo or ice lolly are heaps of fun and look great floating in the water and are a sure fire way to host the Perfect Pool Party. You can always add in other water toys such as Water Volleyball and dive buddies which will keep everyone busy and imaginations working all day long. A little healthy competition over a game of volleyball or a diving contest is sure to get everyone in the pool and having a good time!

Music – A great party needs great music. Take some time to create the perfect summertime playlist that will compliment your poolside party. If you need some inspiration, check out this summer-ready playlist.

Food & Drinks – Be inspired by fun, bright colours and fresh, seasonal produce. Keep it simple with finger food that isn’t too fussy—think lots of cool, fresh fruits and vegetables to keep people feeling hydrated and satiated for the whole day. Grilled chicken or different types of meat skewers are also great but just make sure you’re abiding by food safety standards. 

Besides the standard range of soft-drinks, beer or wine, you might want to consider mixing up a few summery cocktails. Fresh citrus, strawberries, or watermelon make great bases for cocktails, but if you’re struggling for ideas, check out these easy-to-make cocktails

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