How To Use Pool Furniture To Create Your Ultimate Poolside Scene

How To Use Pool Furniture To Create Your Ultimate Poolside Scene

How good is relaxing around the pool in the sun? There are so many great ways to make your poolside experience even better than it already is. Pool furniture, pool lounges and bean bags - every one of these options can help you to relax and unwind with a foot dangling in the water.

Laguna Pools has a range of outdoor furniture. We’ve put together a guide to some of our favourite and most popular pieces so that you can browse the perfect items to help you create your ultimate poolside scene!

In Pool Furniture: Ledge Lounger Signature Chaise

Ledge Lounger is at the forefront of in-pool furniture design. Whether you want to use it poolside to dry off in the sun, or you want to sit on the ledge of your pool, the Signature Chaise is a stunning addition to your outdoor setting. It’s made of high-quality resin so it can handle the sun and water with ease. The Signature Chaise counters to the shape of your relaxed body, so it’s perfect for unwinding on. It’s easy to anchor in the shallows of your pool, just submerge it in pool water to fill and it will be stable on your pool ledge. It’s sure to impress your friends!

Pool Furniture: Ledge Lounger Signature Side Table

Remember all those times when you’ve been so comfortable, but then you get so thirsty? You don’t want to have to get up and walk inside, dripping pool water all through the house just so you can get a beverage. Well, guess what? You don’t have to anymore! The Ledge Lounger Signature 22” Side Table has a built in cooling bin so that you can hold up to ten cans of your favourite beverage. How convenient is that?! If you need to put up an umbrella, the side table functions as a base for that as well. A table, a cooler, and an umbrella base all in one? If only it looked amazing too…oh wait, it does!

Poolside Bean Bags: Chill Bean Bag

These Chill Bean Bags really should come with a warning - once you sit in them, you probably won’t want to do anything else! It’s so easy to laze around in the sun or chill out by the garden, chatting with a partner or friend. They come in beige and charcoal colours, both a nice neutral that will match any surroundings you choose to pair them with. In fact, you’ll probably be so attached to these that you’ll want to take them with you to the beach! They’re heavy-duty, so they can handle a bit of hard use if you have kids or pets. The fact of the matter is, you’re going to be fighting to use them - everyone will want a turn! Maybe you’re better off getting a couple…

In Pool Furniture: Signature Barstool

Bring the bar to your backyard with these ground breaking Signature Barstools! Don’t worry - they won’t actually break any ground. In fact, they’re as easy to use as they are on the eye. Just pop them in your pool and they’ll fill with water and settle on the floor. Now you can enjoy a cocktail, mocktail, beer, wine, or spirit in the luxurious comfort of your own pool! With plenty of lower back support and an innovative design that can adjust to a variety of floor angles, these little numbers are perfect to use in the pool, on the deck, or at the patio. Now if you can just find yourself a bartender, you’re all set!

Poolside Furniture: Signature Shade

The Signature Shade mounts onto both the Signature Chaise and the Chaise Deep, so that you can enjoy the fresh air without getting too much glare in your eyes. It’s stylish, it’s functional, it’s the perfect addition to whatever poolside set up you have going on. The Signature Shade’s nifty design lets it slide easily on and off, so there’s minimal effort involved. It also features a media viewing window for you to pop a touchscreen device into!

Where To Buy Pool Furniture

Whether you’re treating yourself or buying gifts for family and friends, Laguna Pools is your one-stop shop for in pool furniture, bean bags, and more. Get your order in before midday and receive same-day shipping. Delivering to every postcode in Australia, from Perth to Melbourne, we aim to enhance your lifestyle with ethically produced, tried-and-tested products. Shop now and pay later with AfterPay!