2020 is set be a summer like no other, and your new, premium lifestyle destination is Laguna Lifestyle.

Whether you’re planning your next holiday, buying for family or friends, or treating yourself, Laguna Lifestyle is a truly unique, one-stop-shop.

Laguna Lifestyle Founder and CEO Glenn says:

“The relationship with our homes evolved significantly during the pandemic lockdowns. Summer this year will see households craving more time outdoors, reconnecting with family and friends, and creating luxury leisure spaces that bring children and adults together in a meaningful way. We believe our homes, particularly our backyards, will become one of the most important, restorative spaces this summer".

Clifton Hill Project

We had the pleasure of capturing our magnificent Clifton Hill pool project in a recent photo shoot with Urban Angles, and we also had some fun adding colour to the space for our Lifestyle photoshoot. We loved the opportunity to marry together our core business Laguna Pools with our new venture Laguna Lifestyle, demonstrating how a stunning architecturally designed pool & outdoor living area, effortlessly transforms in the blink of an eye, with our curated collection of pool & lifestyle products.

Capturing the magic

On location, in the heat of the day, we performed the ultimate challenge-blowing up pool floats the old fashioned way! We very quickly opted to deploy our trusty rechargeable air-pump, which proved to be efficient and effortless, with excellent battery life. Hot tip #1 - if you have inflatables, an electric pump is a must!

As you can see, we didn't have a hard time capturing the essence of the Laguna Lifestyle in this stunning Laguna Pool. Infact, it didn't feel like work at all. Our fun & playful pool accessories by Sunnylife, and the bold striped Dock & Bay Towels were the perfect pop of colour for this tranquil, turquoise oasis.

As we styled and organised props, we began to fully immerse in the lifestyle, as though we were truly at home. Preparing poolside drinks, and relaxing in the outdoor living area complete with a stunning COSH Living outdoor lounge. We were in no hurry to leave! 

We believe our backyards, have become one of the most important, restorative spaces of our homes. There is no doubt that summers spent enjoying this tranquil setting will be bliss with the clever consideration of natural shade, and ever-changing dappled light throughout the day, bringing much needed relief from the direct sun during hot spells. Through winter, the architectural elements of the pool and garden provide a spectacular outlook, proof that great design and execution of outdoor spaces can be enjoyed all year round.

Bringing it all to life

So enamored by the ease of which this magnificent pool accommodated a truly family orientated Laguna Lifestyle, we decided to put it to the ultimate test - BRING IN THE KIDS! Not shy of the camera, and with no negotiation or bribing required, we had our first round of Laguna Lifestyle ambassadors ready to dive right in (literally)!

With absolutely no direction or choreography required, images by the talented Eva and Tissy demonstrate how our boutique range of products can enhance the enjoyment of your own private swimming pool.

Our Chief Product Testers

Our products are carefully selected to help to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, encouraging children to extend their interaction with the outdoors whilst having fun. Considering we could barely hear ourselves over the chatter and squeals of delight, we can safely say fun was had. We asked our chief product testers for some feedback on their favourite accessories, and here's what they have to say:

"I LOVE the Underwater Cameras I'm going to ask for one from Santa, and one for my brother!" - Chief Tester Georgia

"The huge Glitter Lilo was so much fun and all 4 of us fit on together!!" - Chief Tester Henry

As for us Adults, we were quite taken by the stunningly realistic 'not-glass' glassware by Strahl, and we enjoyed a poolside Mornington Peninsula Rosé - 2018 by Mont Wines, without the worry of a stray glitter beach ball, or the wag of a dogs tail threatening to break a glass near the pool!

With a dynamic range of considered pool and outdoor living products from Laguna Lifestyle, you can have the complete Laguna Experience outdoors for many years to come.

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lifestyle - /ˈlʌɪfstʌɪl/


1. the way in which a person lives.

    "the benefits of a healthy lifestyle"