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    Pool and spa filters

    Filtration is a crucial aspect of maintaining a clean and hygienic pool or spa. Heat and the moisture it creates is a natural breeding ground for bacteria, and outdoor environments or even semi-closed spaces can house a lot of dirt and debris. Ensuring you have the best spa or pool filter and are replacing cartridges regularly where needed will help keep the filter system working at its best. 



    Our range

    We have a selection of traditional cartridge filters and media filters. Cartridge filters are extremely popular choices for swimming pools and spas these days. High-quality polyester elements effortlessly handle the high flow rates of modern pumps and allow multiple turnovers of your whole pool's water volume each day. Combined with fine particle filtration, your pool water will shine and sparkle as it should. 

    Our media pool filters are designed to mimic what happens in nature by slowly flowing water through a natural sand bed that collects most debris and particles. This process allows your water to sparkle and reflect like the clearest oceans and lakes. These natural sand pool filters are only growing in popularity as a choice for both spa filters and pool filters. 

    Quality pool and spa filters

    At Pool House, our promise is quality and luxury, which is precisely what you'll get by choosing one of our spa and pool filters. We source our items from leading brands, trusted and respected worldwide, but that suit and are manufactured for Australian conditions. We choose compact, efficient designs and models to ensure you can use these filters in nearly any setting to keep your pool and spa clean and crystal clear. 

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    Order your spa or pool filter online from Pool House and receive fast delivery direct to your door. If you place your filter order by midday, we can ship it the same day. If you make your order after midday, we will ship your pool filter the following business day. Please browse our range of spa and swimming pool filters below to find one that will best suit your needs.

    15 products

    15 products