Salt Water Chlorinator & Chemical Dosing

    Saltwater chlorinator and chemical dosing

    Swimming in the ocean is refreshing and invigorating, so it's no wonder why saltwater chlorinators have become the go-to for swimming pool sanitising. Manual chemical and chlorine dosing can be haphazard and unreliable. Sanitisers and saltwater chlorinators kill bacteria as the water passes through them and don't leave any residue in the water so that the whole body of water is always healthy and safe.

    Saltwater chlorinators can be complex and have many different parts and strict complicated instructions, but they do what manual dosing can't; provide safe and convenient consistency to the level of chlorine and chemicals in your pool. Our range of pool chlorinators are easy to use, can provide the precise level of chlorine needed to keep your pool clean and safe to use. 



    Our selection of sanitisers and saltwater chlorinators 

    Our chlorinators have been designed to withstand the harshest of outdoor conditions, and our range of INSNRG chlorinators and sanitisers come in compact and unique designs. You can choose from the standard or premium option chlorinator, they're both durable and reliable and also great for mineral pool applications. 

    Each product has a thorough description, plus our salt chlorinators have links to user manuals and brochures, to help you make the best decision for which chlorinator can work best for your pool. With complicated technology like this we want to make sure our customers have all the information they need to not simply choose the right product but are able to install and use it without worry.

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    2 products

    2 products